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Special Programs

The Committee for Special Activities (CSA) offers the Council membership additional foreign policy lectures to supplement the regular 10+ lecture series held usually on every other Monday during the season.

In addition to the traditional lecture format, the CSA events may take on the form of panel discussions, debates, or town hall presentations. The events are generally organized on an ad hoc basis depending on availability of speakers and meeting sites. Often local experts are called on to share their knowledge and experience. All CSA events are given at a modest fee to cover expenses.

The CSA also organizes the Council Annual Dinner at the end of the season.

                                                                                                                 ~ Mimi Gregory, Chair

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Biennial National War College

The Eighth Biennial Seminar presented by 

The National War College and The Naples Council on World Affairs

Committee on Special Activities

"The Path Forward into a Decisive Decade"

A discussion of expert commentaries
by the faculty of the National War College
on U.S. National Security Policy and Defense Strategies

February 24, 2023

The next Biennial National War College program will be presented in 2025.

National War College: A Deep Look 
At  National Security & Defense Issues 

It was a feast for the curious, for those who like to dig deep into complexity, and for policy wonks! A collection of experts in U.S. national security policy and defense strategies laid out an assessment of the relative position of the U.S. and countries with which we have troubled relations.

Russia may not be as strong as it seems behind its bluster and desperate invasion of Ukraine. China is the adversary to watch and to better understand; Xi Jinping is positioning his country to become the world's leader. North Korea is the wild card, with missiles that probably can reach into Southwest Florida. It's not certain where Iran will end up, but it is still moving toward building nuclear arms and certainly not into the embrace of the U.S.

All who attended came away with a deeper understanding of what may hang in the balance, as well as an awareness that nothing in today's world is simple -- but also with some comfort that there are some very smart people who understand a lot more than most of us.

Those who wish to learn more may click here to read the 2023 Annual Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community (unclassified) prepared for our government leaders and offered by NCWA member Karen Maguire, a retired U.S. Army colonel and National War College graduate. 

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