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International Scholarships 

The deadline for submitting applications to NCWA will be announced

Students applying for international scholarships must be completing their junior year of high
school, and possess, or be eligible for, a U.S. passport. Because the mission of the NCWA is 
"to educate, inspire and engage our community in international affairs and critical global
 the focus will be on the international programs that best support that mission.

If international travel is restricted, virtual programs may be offered and our winners may
elect to participate in those programs. All updated information regarding the availability of
international programs for each year will be posted on this website and announced late
in the calendar year.

The deadline for application for the summer programs is usually mid-December of the prior calendar year. This year's deadline will be announced when it is scheduled. Application instructions at the bottom of this page will give students an idea of how to begin preparations, since they change very little from year to year. 

After reviewing the written applications using the forms below, the scholarship committee of
the NCWA School Outreach Committee will select the candidates considered best qualified.
Those individuals will be interviewed by the committee, and the scholarship winners will be
selected from that group.

The scholarships offered by the Naples Council on World Affairs will cover program costs and international travel. Participants will be responsible, at a minimum, for spending money and
After being selected for a scholarship, students will apply for acceptance directly to the individual program. 

After consulting the program website, if you have any additional questions about the
scholarships offered or the selection process, please contact Judy Baker

          Scholarship applications must be received by NCWA by the mid-December deadline. The exact date will be announced as soon as it is established.

Click here for the 2023-2024 application form, which will provide guidance in preparing for the 2024-2025 application process. A new form will be posted near the deadline date.
Scroll down for complete application instructions.

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International Scholarship Program Descriptions

NCWA offers summer scholarships to Collier and Lee County students who are completing their
junior year in high school, have a strong interest in international relations, and have a solid
academic background. Students may apply for one of the following international programs.

Full information about the programs and countries hosting the programs may be obtained by
visiting their 

Oxford Academia

The International Relations Program at Oxford University

In this seminar, the program lays the groundwork for a better understanding of the state of global diplomacy
through lectures, thought-provoking discussions, and interactive exercises. Students will investigate the
relationship between governments, state and non-state actors, and the role of international media. They will
identify the tools essential to policy makers and ambassadors and test them through mock debates on various
issues facing our world today.

Each day features a combination of seminars, hands-on activities and workshops, lab time, guest speakers,
community meeting, and unstructured time for socializing, exploration, and reflection. 
Students choose a major seminar and a minor seminar, beginning with classroom discussions that frame concepts and identify key issues
and then take learning beyond the classroom with site visits, meetings with experts, and guest lectures from distinguished academics and renowned scholars and will be staying in housing on the Oxford campus.

Tufts University, Taillories, France

Tufts "Summit" Program

The Tufts “Summit” Program occurs in a college learning environment over four weeks with various trips to
UN Organizations in Geneva, Switzerland; Lyon, France; the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, and
European Union Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.
 The Tufts European Center is in a former monastery on
the shores of Lake Annecy in Taillories, France.
 Courses are in English focusing on international affairs and
are offered by Tufts faculty.
 Students live with French host families, will be traveling in a French speaking
milieu, and therefore are required to have studied at least two years of French language instruction.

Selections from the Experiment in International Living (EIL) Program

EIL - Costa Rica

The Leadership Institute: Climate Change in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has made an unwavering commitment to preserving its natural resources. This program begins by
exploring San Jose, visiting 
museums and local communities and taking part in discussions about climate
justice. Students will discover eco-initiatives and sustainable practices by visiting several of Costa Rica's
pristine wilderness areas, such as the Los Santos Region, the Osa Peninsula, and Corcovado National Park.
This program has a 10-day home visit where students participate in meaningful community projects.
Participants are required to participate in pre-departure virtual sessions and a post-program community
action project in their home communities.

This program has special application requirements. If you are interested, contact Judy Baker

EIL - Germany

International Relations and the EU

Students will travel to many locations throughout the area, including the "border triangle" of Germany, France
and Luxembourg; Schengen, Luxembourg, where the Schengen Agreement was signed; visit museums, and
the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. In Germany, they also will visit a UNESCO World Heritage site at 
Kölner Dom, the United Nations in Bonn, and Germany's parliament in Berlin. They also will
attend workshops on the structure of the E.U. and a seminar on European asylum politics to learn about the
refugee situation on the continent. This program includes a short home stay with a German family.

EIL - Ghana

Internship Ghana: Contemporary Art and Culture

The program begins in Accra, the capital of Ghana. Accra is a fascinating city of contrasts -- featuring a unique
blend of traditional and contemporary art and culture. This is where students will begin their 95 hours of a
formal internship with a local  community or research organization, business, or international NGO. Students
will i
mmerse themselves in local culture by becoming part of a community for four weeks through their group internship, host community activities, and community projects. They will gain a new perspective on Africa as cosmopolitan, which counters Eurocentric narratives of deprivation and backwardness. There will be a brief
home stay.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will earn three college credits through The Experiment’s accredited partner institution, School for International Training. 

EIL - Japan

Japanese Language and Culture

Students will study Japanese through intensive language training, explore vibrant Tokyo neighborhoods, and
stay with a host family in a different region. Language 
skills will be developed through 60+ hours of direct exposure in formal classes, with host family interactions, peer-to-peer practice, and more. Students will learn
about Japanese history by visiting shrines and museums, and a visit to Hiroshima's Peace Park and Memorial 

At the conclusion of the program, students will earn a language certificate noting the number of hours of
language training completed through formal classes and experiential learning.

Scholarship applications must be received by NCWA by a date in mid-December 2024 to be announced.

      International Scholarship Application Process

Application Steps:

1. Fill out the application form. Click here.

2.  Write a 300-word essay about why you are applying for this program and why you chose this specific program.

3. Get a copy of your high school transcript. A short form will be acceptable.

4. Write a resume.

5. Consolidate the application form, essay, transcript and resume into one PDF file. Send the
PDF file as an attachment to Judy Baker at no later than a mid-December 2024 date to be announced.

6.  Ask two teachers, counselors, or administrators to write letters of recommendation for you.
Send the two letters to Judy Baker at no later than an early January 2025 date to be announced.

7. Selected students will participate in an interview with NCWA in early January 2025.

8. If a student is awarded a NCWA scholarship, the student will then apply directly to the international program. Do not apply to an individual program until the NCWA Outreach Committee has selected you for a scholarship.

Requirements Upon Completion of the Program

1. Complete an essay about your program experiences and submit it to NCWA within two
weeks of completing the program.

2. Complete any follow-up activities required by the international program.

3. Participate in a feedback video conference with NCWA members.

4. Become an active participant in the NCWA Alumni Association.

5. Other activities as required by NCWA.

Student Videos about their experiences in these programs
can be viewed by clicking here.

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NCWA Sponsored Six Students for 2023 International Scholarships

Students receiving international scholarships during the summer of 2023 were:

Oxford Academia: Jake Marks of St. John Neumann High School

Oxford Academia: Anya Brenner of Community School of Naples, also a NCWA Global Scholar

Tufts Summit Program: Ravelska (Ravi) Lafalaise of Fort Myers High School

EIL Germany: Aarnav Sheth of Gulf Coast High School

EIL Jordan: Nick Fallon of Barron Collier High School

EIL Ghana: Jordan Spelman of Gulf Coast High School

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