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NCWA VAP Application
The 2018 application process is closed. 2019 applications will be available later this year.


Please provide the information listed below (points 1 - 11) when applying for a grant from the Naples Council on World Affairs Village Assistance Program (NCWA VAP). The following criteria will be used to evaluate your application (note also that prior grants have ranged from three to five thousand US dollars with few exceptions):

  1. Demonstrates need
  2. Requests funding for a one time only project
  3. Demonstrates reliable funding channel
  4. Demonstrates capability for on-site monitoring
  5. Funds tangible item(s)
  6. Describes reporting procedure

Please note:

When selecting applications that meet the above criteria, NCWA VAP will give priority to educational projects, such as building schools and other learning facilities, as well as related projects. To ensure compatibility with NCWA’s mission VAP requires that the project not only serves an educational purpose in the recipient country, but also in our Naples community.

Please provide the required information as succinctly as possible, and send or email your application not later than February 15, xxx to:

Stan Chauvin
58 North Collier Blvd # 704
Marco Island, FL 34145
Phone: (239) 394-6303(239) 394-6303
Fax: (230) 394-5033

Application should include:

  1. Contact information (Name and contact information of applicant)
  2. Abstract (Briefly describe location and purpose; 200 words or fewer)
  3. Need (Demonstrate need for project; include other sources of funding if any)
  4. Project (Describe the final product, persons involved, and process to achieve it)
  5. Budget and funding channel (Provide budget and say how and through whom funding will be delivered)
  6. Monitoring (Name person responsible for on-site monitoring; include method and frequency)
  7. Time line (Estimate dates of start, major steps, and completion)
  8. Reporting (Describe when, how, and by whom reporting to NCWA VAP will be done)
  9. Human subjects (If the project involves research, provide information on methods to obtain informed consent from human subjects, if any)
  10. References (List one or more references with contact information)
  11. Attachments (Not required - may include letters from references)

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