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Contributions to the Naples Council on World Affairs

Major Donors

($1,000 or more)

L. Stanley and C’Allen Chauvin 

Andrew and Margaret Czkaj 

Bill and Barbara Etherington 

Herbert and Jeanette Evert

Robert and Marilyn Fisher

Joanne Haddad Jacobs 

Walter G. And Barbara Korntheuer

Marjorie and John Lewis 

Monroe and Marianne Lowenkron

Igbal and Shelby Mamdani 

Theodore Olson

Louis Simpson and Kimberly Querrey 

David and Beverly Worthington

President’s Club

($250 or more)

Cynthia and Woodbury Andrews

 Karen and Gary Biernesser

 William and Ghislaime Blomquist

 Paula Brothers and Karen Aeschlimann

Richard and Judith Brown

Dan Bumstead and Barrett Edwards

Herbert and Jeanette Evert

Eugene Burke and Margaret Lang

 Patricia Bush and Geoffrey Noble

 Eugene and Harriet Campbell

Nancy Beth Carlson

L. Stanley and C’Allen Chauvin

 William Chorske and Elaine Gustafson

Thomas M. Cleary

 Richard and Judith Clemens

 Kenneth and Debby Cohen

 Gary and Mary Cary Coughlan

Andrew and Margaret Czekaj

 Albro and Linda Daniel

Lynn and Patricia Defreest

 Bob Dilworth

Justin and Doyle Doyle

 David and Patricia Drew

 Raquel Dunning

Alvin Elders

Jean and Frederick Ensley

 Robert (Bob) and Linda Erbstein

 Bill and Barbara Etherington

Herbert and Jeanette Evert

Thomas Fahey and Margit Holt Stoodley

Steve and Marcia Feldhaus

John and Ginger Finlayson

 Robert and Marilyn Fisher

James D. (Jim) and Margaret Fleck

Patricia Forkan

 Torrey Foster and Anne Russell Foster

Charles and Arlene Garrity

 Thomas and Ellen Granger

 Gordon and Sigrid Graves

Jan and Sue Guben

 Ronald and Marianne Gymer

 Joanne and Haddad Jacobs

Robert Haffa

Dieter Haussmann

Jeffrey and Susan Hewson

Gregory Hudson

 Ernest and Elsie Hunt

 James and Joanne Huskey

 Shel and Peachy Johnson

 Els and Kevin Kavanagh

 Robert and Vencine Kelly

Robert King

 Spyros Kitromilis

Emery and Karen Koenig

Walter and Barbara Korntheuer

Judith and Lee Krow

 Kishor Kulkarni

Martin and Peggy Lamb

 Edwin and Karen Leland

Maurice Levine and Susan Schlessel

Marjorie and John Lewis

 Judith and Stanley Lipnick

 Monroe and Marianne Lowenkron

 Bernard and Bobbie Lublin

Anthony Maglione and Sandra Geffert

Iqbal and Shelby Mamdani

Nizar Mamdani

 Eileen Mann and Len Kallerges

 Quinn and Jane Martin

Mary and Ted Mascott

Joyce and Edward Mccaffrey

 Arden and Jacke McCurdy

 Robert and Barbara McGinn

 Gerry and Helene Melnick

 Jonathan and Jo Ann Mohle

 Michael and Judith Mollerus

Francis Murphy and Ellen Reardon

 Terry Nauck and Cathie Scanlon

 Lyn Newsom

Richard Norwood

 Maureen O’Gorman

 Linda and William Odell

 Theodore and Olson

 Karen and Robert Osar

Robert and Bea Pendergrass

 James and Judith Perkins

William Petasnick and Irene Thompson

 Judith Quinn and Ronald Crawford

 Robert and Rita Randall

Stephen and Kathleen Rhinesmith

John and Nancy Rittenhouse

 Gail Rothenberg and John Levy

 Robert and Joelle Roussel

Judy and Richard Rubinstein

 Frederic and Louise Rust

 Ronald and Suzette Rutherford

 Joyce and William Salatich

James Schmotter and Daphne Jameson

 Ron and Karen Schneider

James and Sharon Seymour

 David Shorr

Louis Simpson and Kimberly Querrey

 Barbara and W. Keith Smith

Robert and Constance Soudan

 Richard and Margie Spikerman

 Douglas Stewart and Linda Sahagian

Wally and Susie Stimpson

Robert (Bob) and Eileen Stuebing

 Donna and Steve Suddeth

 Gary and Sharen Thomas

Suzanne Thompson and Richard Lynn

William Thomson

 Geert Henk and Deborah Touw

Robert S. Troth

Jean Pierre and Marie Clare van Rooy

 Peter and Kay Wall

Philip and Isabel Ward

Candace and Wehbe

 Helge and Erika Wehmeier

 Ralph and Fay Whitney

 Van and Myra Williams

Maria and Gunther Winkler

 Mo and Mickey Winograd

David and Beverly Worthington

 Michael and Peg Wurzburg

Lou and Bruce Zellner

Board of Director's Club

($200 to $249)

David and Trisha Barton

Ellen Bechthold

 Joseph Brick and Wanda Malone

 Lewis and Susan Bryan

Cornelius Cacho

James and Barbara Knepshield

 Bonnie Larson

Philip and Phyllis Markin

 Philip and Jeanne Reid

 Ronald and Elaine Sandmeyer

Jack and Joan Toren


($150 to $199)

Ken and Shirley Cyrus

 Fred and Sue Hagemann

John King

William and Judy Korstad

Donald and Barbara Meckler

 Jack and Barbara Morgan

Gerald and Karen Pam

 Maureen and Roger Parkinson

 Ric Phillips and Laurie Cowan

 Frank Stanton

Judith Stephenson and Scott Harshbarger

 David and Roberta Walker

Special Recognition

($100 to $149)

Gregg Agens

 Kathleen Azzariti

Nancy and NolanBaird

Edward Barr

 Robert and Shirley Bassin

 Paul and GailBeard

 Bruce and Judy Bendoff

Stephanie and David Bernstein

 Richard and Carolyn Boehning

Jean Boland

 Robert and Marion Bowen

 Thomas and Marianne Bowman

Dennis Bradshaw

E. Michael Brown

 Gerald Burns

Jack and Ann Butts

 Tom and Barbara Carlstrom

Kay Carmichael

 Bill and Peggy Cermak

 Nancy Chellevold

Gary and Anne Christensen

Patricia Chunn

 David Citrin

Ronald and Nancy Cohen

Jon and Susan Conahan

Nevin Coston and Sandra Wolfe

Margaret Crabtree and James F. Stapleton

Linda and Adam Crescenzi

Slate and Donna Dabney

Charles DeLisi and Noreen Vasady-Kovacs

Lee and Linda Denson

James Donohue and Carol Mager

David and Bobbi Drobis

Marcia and Morris Eaton

John Ellwood

Donna and Gordon Erikson

 John and Daniela Ferriter

 Michael and Marcia Filiurin

 Michael Finkel and Dina Sewell

 Joe and Martha Forgiano

 James and Margaret Frost

Ned and Mary Ellen Gaffney

Helen and Paul Gareau

Martha Goodloe and Stephen Welsh

Mark and Carol Gottlieb

Alan Green and Nancy Lambert

 Thomas and Sandy Greenwood

 Oliver and Sharlene Hagen

 Sam and June Hamra

Mary and David Hankowski

 Nancy Harrison and Ray Nord

 Norma Hayer-Dolliff

Roland and Coco Heinrich

 Bill and Molly Hobgood

Margaret Holt-Larson and Richard Larson

 Ralph Howard and Ellen Watts

 Don and Linda Insul

Alice Jacobs

Steven and Wendy Jess

 Allen and Sharon Karp

 Anthony and Linda Katz

 Jack and Judith Kaufman

 Peter F. and Lydia Kerr

 Ron and Lin Klein

John Kovach

Roger and Carol LaFontaine

 Burton and Ruth Leibert

 Michael H. and Carol B. Levy

Diana and Ken Lewis

 Paul and Caroline Liberti

 J and Stephanie Lowder

 Lorraine and Robert Luba

 John and Heidi Mangel

D. Dan and Pam McCarthy

 Christian and Diana McCarthy

 Scott McDonald and Sibylle McDonald

Jim and Kathy McDonnell

Linda Melada and Arthur Levine

 Michael and Barbara Mohajery

 James and Myra Morrison

Josephine Morse

 Geoffrey and Karyn Murphy

 Noreen Murray and Keith Dallas

 Robert and Carolyn Myers

Mark and Anne Nagan

 Stephanie and John Nelson

 Robert and Robert Nossen

 Marilyn and Paul O’Rourke

 Marshall and Elaine Paisner

 Edward and Dorothea Palsho

 Sally and Jay Peacock

Jens Bang and Edith Pedersen

Leilani Pierce

 William Pope and Julie Klement

 Jo Kris and Douglas Powell

Austin Raabe

 Arkady Rapoport and Julia Litvan

Patricia Read Botthof

Constance and Mark Reger

 Theodore and Jo Ann Robinson

 Joe and Jan Roller

Richard and Elaine Rosen

 Lyle and Gloria Rosensweig

 Ira and Roslyn Rubenstein

 Alan and Sedra Schiffman

 Tom and Kahy Schrader

 Wes and Marilyn Scott

 Donald and Arlene Shapiro

 Iris and Floyd Shapiro

 Marjorie Shorrock

Carol Skornicka

James and Susan Stam

 Kathy and David Stassen

 Ian and Judy Sutherland

 George and Judith Tappert

 Charles Theisen Jr

Thomas Tyrrell and Jeanne Sleeper

 Alan and Julie Van Egmond

Mark and Agnes Vaughn

 Steve and Carol Vesce

 Robert and Shirley Wade

 Stephen and Charlie Wagner

Diana Walsh and Paul Magnin

 Marjorie Weaver

Frederick and Anne Whitridge

 Everett and Virginia Wixom

 Wilder and Nancy Woods

Ron and Judy Yamada

Dick Zounes

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