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What a moment to choose “The Presidents and the Press” as a title for our annual Dinner.  As often said, “Everything in Life is Timing!” and here to speak to that timing is Nicholas Wapshott, International Editor of Newsweek.  Historically, Presidents have had a love/hate relationship with the press. From Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose “summing, cryptic rapport with the press” is featured in Wapshott's book: “The Sphinx,” to today’s new administration, truer words were never spoken.  Nicholas Wapshott has worked on both sides of the Atlantic, from the London Times to the New York Sun, was one of the founders of the Daily Beast, wrote a column of the economy for Reuters and ran Oprah Winfrey’s website.  Other books include “Keynes Hayek” The Clash That Defined Modern Economics” and Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher: A Political Marriage.”  He promises an evening of anecdotal humor.  Please join us.  

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